Customize to fit how you work. Create add-ons, tools and notification that streamline complex processes and supercharge productivity. No coding required.
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Supported custom features for

From simple hacks, to full-blown operating systems Tools

Build tools you can access anywhere based on data

Supported contexts:
Command bar
Command bar
Anywhere in the browser with a keyboard shortcut Notifications

Create actionable notifications with custom post click functionality

Supported contexts:
Anywhere in the browser or in Ply’s home page in user mode Portals

Build a customer portal that works with

Supported contexts:
Standalone url

Supported actions
Add a customer
Add a person to a segment
Track an anonymous event
Create multiple customers
Create a manual segment
Delete a person
Get a customer by email
List activities
List a customer's attributes
List customers in a segment
List segments
Suppress a customer
Track an event
Unsuppress a customer
Update a customer
Create or update a customer

Live search support

Add a search block in interfaces that lets users search directly for the following items

Better tools, better work.

“The best thing you can do for your company right now is clear out your schedule and spend a few days building with Ply”

Rom Hirsh, Director of Operations, Optimove.
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