Free for some teams

Right now

Our product is available for everyone, but not all users are required to pay. Ply is designed with teams in mind, particularly larger ones. To concentrate our efforts on supporting our customers, we currently offer Ply free of charge for teams with less than 20 members. Teams with 20 or more members, or those requiring enterprise features like granular security, SSO, or customized data retention policies, need to opt for a paid plan. Please contact us for detailed pricing information.

Later this year

We aim to introduce pricing plans for all teams later this year, including a free tier for light usage and per-user pricing for more extensive usage. While final pricing has not been established, we anticipate the cost to be between $5-$10 per seat for plans tailored to small teams, and $10-$20 per seat for plans designed for medium-sized teams. Pricing for enterprise plans will remain customized.